Server time: Tuesday, 27-Oct-2020, 19:55:48
Batamkingz Warrior
World 23 Level 260
+107,004,632 EP
Ambrosine Warrior
World 32 Level 189
-114,842,388 EP
King Wizard
World 1 Level 298
6,510,261,046 EP
18,239,514 EP For Lvl 299
Zhum Wizard
World 2 Level 287
5,540,554,451 EP
74,678,039 EP For Lvl 288
Thuanvisa Warrior
World 30 Level 286
5,489,160,658 EP
48,088,202 EP For Lvl 287
Beethovens Warrior
World 2 Level 283
5,286,740,548 EP
21,425,362 EP For Lvl 284
Orgullo Wizard
World 2 Level 277
4,860,743,212 EP
10,653,578 EP For Lvl 278
Last Update: 2020-10-27 19:10:38
What's New

Posted in TibiaME News   event November 13, 2016

Here is the second teaser of the Second Update 2016. With the upcoming release we will present you:

A new Island 80+:
Doratia, a hidden archipelago and home to the circle of wizards, has called to the king of Aurea for help. Follow a new challenging five staged questline to discover why some islands where cut of from the rest of the world by a inpenetrable shield. Will you be able to sneak into the cut-of-area and find out what sinister powers are at work there?

New Daily Quests:
Help the people of Doratia to bring back safety to their island in 3 brand new daily quests.

A new Set of Armour:
Acquire the first parts of the brand new high level armour set, the ancients/elders armour, the archon ring and the archon talisman, which offer extensive protection against the dangers you face in TibiaME.

A new Spell:
Be rewarded with an ancient spell of healing that will make it easier for you to survive in a dangerous world.

New Achievements:
Get new achievements for your deeds on Doratia.

Sounds interesting? Then stay alert for the announcement of beta test phase in the upcoming week.
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